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 Since 2017, we’ve organized school garden leaders to virtually share their expertise and lessons with other leaders. Dive in and learn from them!


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Regional School Garden Support Models – Virtual Gathering

Webinar Archive REGIONAL SCHOOL GARDEN SUPPORT MODELS  NOVEMBER 17, 2021 Are you seeking ways to more effectively support a large or larger number of school gardens? We will discuss activities that regional support organizations provide and share a framework to enhance your work supporting multiple school gardens. In preparation for

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School Food Service & School Gardens

Webinar Archive SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE AND SCHOOL GARDENS    Hear how school gardens can be intertwined with the work of school nutrition programs. We will share case studies related to school food service program funding and staffing support of school gardens, garden to cafeteria programs, and policies to support school

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Funding & Sustainability Solution Session

This peer-to-peer coaching session will start with an overview of the Funding Promising Practices and then we’ll divide into small breakouts to explore specific challenges related to sustainably funding your school garden program(s) and potential solutions.

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Strategic Plan Town Hall

In the spring of 2021 the SGSO Network completed their strategic planning process. From membership surveys to focus groups and 1-1 calls to a series of deep dive full-day sessions, members have helped shape our 1-year and 3-year goals. This video highlights where we have been, an overview of our strategic planning process, and avenues for engagement

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Sustaining School Gardens

This webinar aims to support SGSO staff to increase their organization’s capacity to sustain and create well-integrated garden programs; share examples, tools and resources; and connect with other SGSO leaders to hear stories of success and challenges along the way.

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Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education

What is Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CRSE), and how can we apply this CRSE approach in school garden education? In this presentation, originally delivered as part of the 2021 SGSO Leadership Institute, Denita White, Manager of Equity Content for Tulsa Public Schools, shares a CRSE framework, shows examples from real students and teachers, and then invites participants to consider how this lens could be applied to their work.

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Bringing Social Emotional Learning & Mindfulness Education To Your Work

we will look at how an understanding of trauma, mindfulness and SEL can help us to manage stress while nurturing the scientifically proven “protective factors” that help prevent and manage trauma and mental health issues both for ourselves and our students. We will specifically learn about the brain science of stress, and practice mindfulness techniques you can teach to your students.

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En Español: Enfoques, Retos Y Éxitos De Los Huertos Educativos: Experiencias Iberoamericanas

Este primer webinar en español del SGSO es una co-presentación con su red hermana, la Red Internacional de Huertos Educativos, la RIHE (redhuertos.org, FB: redhuertos), Compartiremos aprendizajes desde las 11 años de construcción de la RIHE, y coordinadores de programas integrantes de la Red en España, Uruguay, Puerto Rico y México nos hablarán de sus motivaciones, estrategias, retos y logros. ¡Queremos escuchar tus propuestas para más actividades en español!

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Classroom Management in the Garden

In this webinar, we will explore classroom management strategies specifically in the garden setting and the importance they play in creating a successful and sustainable school garden program.

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District-Run School Garden Programs

This webinar features district-run school garden program directors from a medium and large school districts sharing their experience and expertise in launching and maintaining district run garden programs.

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Volunteer Management & Community Support Webinar

Join us as we discuss a few ways in which we have involved the community from regular maintenance with families, weekly volunteer hours, to large work days. We will discuss some of our favorite ways to get people out and excited, ideas for managing large volunteer groups, how to engage consistent volunteers, and help keep your garden looking good.

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Crowdfunding for School Gardens

In this webinar we will explore the concept of crowdfunding which is a term broadly used to describe fundraising efforts focused on raising smaller amounts of money from large numbers of people frequently through online and social media efforts.

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Garden To Cafeteria Toolkit

A webinar that will introduce the new Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit from Slow Food USA and Whole Kids Foundation and describe the ongoing support for Food Service Departments provided by Slow Food USA.

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