National School Garden Leadership Conference
Sustaining School Gardens for a Healthier Future
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April 17-20, 2021
Grand Hyatt Denver ~ Denver, Colorado

A Collaboration of Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, Life Lab, and the School Garden Support Organization Network

Join us for the first-ever national school garden leadership conference! The National School Garden Leadership Conference will invigorate the national school garden movement and improve regional school garden programming by connecting School Garden Support Organization Leaders to inspire one another and share best practices, resources, and ideas.

Registration and event information will be available in April 2020. Use the interest form above to join the event e-list and to receive notifications about the conference!

Conference Audience: School Garden Support Organizations (SGSOs)

SGSOs are often nonprofit organizations, universities, government agencies, funders, school district entities, health/wellness agencies, or other entities focused specifically on supporting garden-based learning for multiple schools in a district, region, state or beyond.

Additional Attendees: Other people and organizations involved in garden and nutrition education with a PreK-12 population.
Anticipated Attendance: 400

Building Constellations, Not Lone Stars

In the words of Jane Wei-Skillern, this conference aims to “build constellations, rather than lone stars.” By providing a space for SGSO leaders to collaborate authentically, the conference will harness the tremendous, collective potential of SGSOs to advance the school garden movement nationally. The National School Garden Leadership Conference will ensure that SGSOs are well-supported in this vital work. 

The conference will encourage organizational and regional team attendance

Gathering of SGSOs

Attend short courses, standard workshops, and deeper dive sessions in scale-alike, job-alike, and regional breakouts

Engaged learing

Be inspired to up your game supporting school gardens in your region

SGSO Key Activities We Will Explore

  • School Gardens for Student Wellness 
  • Assessing and Sharing Program Impacts
  • Connecting to Communities Beyond the School Garden Gates
  • Professional Development – Training Garden Educators 
  • Bringing a Lens of Justice, Access, Equity, Inclusion to Our Work
  • Collective Action to Advance the School Garden Movement
  • Teaching in the Garden – Curriculum and Instruction Models
  • Resilient Program Models –  Sustaining and Institutionalizing School Gardens 
  • School Garden Maintenance and Design

The National School Garden Leadership Conference is supported by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation. Additional sponsorship opportunities to be announced.

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation