Survey Outcomes Framework

The following resources were curated by 2021 SGSO Leadership Working Group Members Katie Donohoe – Growing Minds Farm, Heather Polonsky – FoodCorps, Grace McGuirk – Sage Garden Project, & Leah Hillman – Jones Valley Teaching Farm.  We invite you to contribute your own resources to share with the SGSO Network on the topic of program assessment & sharing results.

Outcomes Framework & Example Surveys

The following evaluation resources can help you develop new data collection tools and/or align your existing data collection tools with your desired performance measures.  
Vegetable Consumption
  • Changes in preferences or attitudes towards fruits & veggies
  • # of new vegetables introduced, tasted, or cooked
  • Neophobia / New Foods Ranking
  • # of pounds of produce sent into schools
  • Decrease of fruit/vegetable waste at lunch
  • Increased student meal participation
  • Increase in student choice of fruits & veggies at school meals
  • Consumption Habits
Student Engagement
  • # of standards addressed in garden education
  • Change in school attendance , attitudes towards coming to school
  • Average $ earned per students employed/youth involved in program
  • Total amount of $ paid to student / youth job opportunities
  • Teacher perceptions of student learning, behavior, interaction with natural world
  • Academic gains via grades, test scores, STEM attainment, language acquisition
  • Garden engagement / knowledge
  • Nutrition knowledge
  • # of student garden visits
Community Engagement
  • # volunteer hours
  • # unique volunteers
  • # parents / family members
  • # new / ongoing community members
  • # hours of parent / community involvement
  • # events / workshops open to community
  • # families that garden/cook at home
  • # pounds of produce taken home by students
Teacher Engagement
  • # trainings offered
  • # unique participants
  • # hours of training total / per participant
  • # staff visits to school
  • # staff hours at school
  • Teachers attitudes towards gardens
  • Skills developed by teachers
  • Meaningful use of gardens by teachers
  • # of independent teachers visits to garden
  • # hours spent during teacher visits
Garden Productivity
  • Pounds of produce harvested
  • # of plantings
  • # of harvests
  • # of different crops grown

Survey Question Resources

Find a collection of sample survey questions taken from the surveys listed above
The resources on this page have been shared by SGSO Network members, and collectively curated by participants in the 2021 National SGSO Leadership Institute, listed below. We invite you to contribute your own resources to share with the SGSO Network on the topic of program assessment & sharing results.