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Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education

What is Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CRSE), and how can we apply this CRSE approach in school garden education? In this presentation, originally delivered as part of the 2021 SGSO Leadership Institute, Denita White, Manager of Equity Content for Tulsa Public Schools, shares a CRSE framework, shows examples from real students and teachers, and then invites participants to consider how this lens could be applied to their work.

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Bringing Social Emotional Learning & Mindfulness Education To Your Work

we will look at how an understanding of trauma, mindfulness and SEL can help us to manage stress while nurturing the scientifically proven “protective factors” that help prevent and manage trauma and mental health issues both for ourselves and our students. We will specifically learn about the brain science of stress, and practice mindfulness techniques you can teach to your students.

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Classroom Management in the Garden

In this webinar, we will explore classroom management strategies specifically in the garden setting and the importance they play in creating a successful and sustainable school garden program.

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