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Drip Irrigation Training

Webinar Archive DRIP IRRIGATION TRAINING – APRIL 6, 2022 Drip Irrigation Systems can save time, conserve water, and enhance ease and health of your school garden plants. This webinar from the University of Arizona Community and School Garden Program shows how to set up and manage a simple drip irrigation system,

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What Makes School Gardens Thrive?

Webinar Archive WHAT MAKES SCHOOL GARDENS THRIVE – MARCH 24, 2022 Learn about two key pieces of research on indicators of building successful school garden programs by Associate Professor Jaimie Davis of UT Austin and Assistant Professor Kate Burt of Lehman College at the City University of New York. Jaimie

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Volunteer Management & Community Support Webinar

Join us as we discuss a few ways in which we have involved the community from regular maintenance with families, weekly volunteer hours, to large work days. We will discuss some of our favorite ways to get people out and excited, ideas for managing large volunteer groups, how to engage consistent volunteers, and help keep your garden looking good.

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