The School Garden Support Organization Network is made up of organizations and individuals that support multiple school garden programs at a regional, school district, or state level. By sharing resources and encouraging dialogue among school garden support professionals we hope to eliminate redundancy and help facilitate regional-based school garden program development.

School Garden Support Organization Network Frequently Asked Questions:

When was the SGSO Network Formed?
The idea of a national dialogue for school garden support professionals was proposed at an Open Space Session of the 2012 Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Burlington Vermont. Since that time we have developed this simple website, forum, and are creating dialogue at national gatherings.
Who runs the SGSO Network?

Network activities are managed by Advisory Committee with programming support from the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and the Whole Kids Foundation

Who does the SGSO Network serve?

Our network is made up of organizations and individuals that support multiple school gardens. The SGSOs that participate in our network support school gardens in a variety of ways and for a variety of student outcomes. Our point of intersection is that we value the benefits that school gardens can provide to all students and school communities.

What does the SGSO Network do and how can I get involved?

We create peer to peer learning opportunities for SGSOs through webinars, in-person gatherings, and an online forum. Join our email list to be informed of upcoming webinars and gatherings. Join our on-line forum to join the dialogue on topics related to supporting school gardens.

Advisory Committee

  • Claudio Rodriguez – Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona – Tucson, AZ
  • Erica Curry – FoodCorps – Portland, OR
  • Laura Thompson – Big Green – Boulder, CO
  • John Fisher – Life Lab – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Kim Aman – Slow Food USA National School Garden Program
  • Lyndsey Waugh – Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation – Phoenix, AZ
  • Maree Gaetani – Kidsgardening.org Inc. – Burlington, VT
  • Nathan Larson – Community Groundworks – Madison, WI
  • Rebecca Lemos-Otero – City Blossoms – Washington, DC
  • Sam Ullery – DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education School Garden Program – Washington, DC
  • Shilpa Ram – Edible Schoolyard Project – Berkeley, CA
  • Tasha Gomes – Captain Planet Foundation – Atlanta, GA
  • Tristana Pirkl –  Whole Kids Foundation –  Austin, TX
  • Whitney Cohen – Life Lab – Santa Cruz, CA

July 9, 2013 – Press Release: National School Garden Network Brings School Garden Professionals Together For press inquiries or to discuss supporting our network contact John Fisher at 831.471.7831 or email network@sgsonetwork.org